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Excellent trip down to Eugene for the costume talk/geekfest. Thank you, [livejournal.com profile] otherwind for the Sunday ticket! It was also a bit of a surprise to see her Saturday (but it made me all happy!) and I felt a little like a stowaway there, but in the end it was all good and people definitely did not seem to mind. I got home about 5 on Sunday (after a quick unintentional detour eastward down OR 126 - when the landmarks look wrong, trust your instincts), skimmed through the first issue of the revived Victoria, which had arrived, and promptly fell asleep for a few hours. I was generously offered crash space in Eugene by [livejournal.com profile] reginaromsey, as she had a spot open in her motel room, which was much closer to the lecture site than my original arrangements. So yay, that all worked out. Other than it was pouring buckets for the entire trip Saturday, it was smooth sailing.

Anyhow, here's what's up:

Car: Door fixed in time to drive to Eugene. Bald tire replaced, ditto. Thank goodness. I've been worried about that tire for a long time, and the dent in the door? Call it broken-window syndrome - it just made poor Ivy (a '98 Golf, incidentally) show her age and look really shabby - and I hated it. I'm SO glad to have made some little bit of progess there. Just to stay in place, you know?

Cats: Happy to see me when I got home. Seemed to have been just fine during the weekend. They all promptly climbed into bed with me.

House: Promises to hold on this winter. Lake Louise in the basement has gotten bigger, now that the rains have started. So, some of it is coming in in addition to coming UP. I need to bail it, see how long it takes to refill (it seems totally random) and rattle a few cages about getting that job finished - which at the very least is going to involve something like Roto-Rooter. At the very least. I do NOT want to think about this. I also need to get the garage door fixed. A new opening mechanism is about $200, which I can plan for. The problem is, I need it installed, and it's a bit beyond me, and there is no Honey to Honey-do. I need to be able to get stuff in and out of there - right now it's my favorite excuse for not cleaning up the autumn debris in my yard. I really could get the wheelbarrow out of the side door, though. I'm just being lazy. Or maybe just exhausted. Otherwise, the place needs dusting and a quick vaccum before the dust bunnies get too bad.

Costumes: Finally saw a 3-D example of something I really want to try, a train-back Spanish gown. This helps. I wish I'd gotten pictures, though - why I didn't think of it is beyond me. In any case, I was really happy to see that my idea of how they were constructed basically works, albeit it's a little complicated - it works.. I need to move some of the boning in the stays around, since I ran out of the heavy ones. A package of big cable ties is about $17, and I can't see spending that when a little ingenious rearranging should take care of the shortfall. I have plenty of the more narrow bones - I just need to shift some of the less essential heavier bones to more critical areas. Mostly a matter of Sit Down And Think About It, then Do It. Embroidery long since complete on the beta-test shift, need to put that together and either find one of my AWOL shifts to send to [livejournal.com profile] clearbell, or run one up for her.

Work: Sucks. Resent it like hell that I go home from here too beat to care about anything other than my next breath.

SCA: Now that said breath is caught, I need to see what I can do next. My participation is understandablly limited at this time.

Fall: Yay. Except I'm not looking forward to the first utility bill that has heat on it it.

Me: Still trying to find a second housemate. This needs to happen. I'll work on it today.

Other stuff: There is no other stuff at the moment. And no Rule #5. Thanks for reading this far.
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