Aug. 14th, 2008

Today's mission: Accomplished

As I promised [ profile] jillwheezul, I made a short list of things to do this evening:

Unpack Borrowed Gown and put on dress form.

Study Borrowed Gown.

Think. Make some drawings. Think some more.

Put Borrowed Gown safely in a closed room for the night.

Which have been done. I made a bunch of drawings which are really just rough schematics full of notes that only I really understand, but I feel like I've made a pretty good leap of understanding here now that I can study the thing in three dimensions at leisure. Now, I'm going to put my list together for tomorrow, and sleep on this.


Photograph gown.

Study pattern in Alcega and mentally assemble, make notes as needed.

Clear off cutting table to start drawing toile. Do not start drawing toile, by now it's late.

This doesn't sound like much, but... the 'clear off cutting table' is the biggie - it tends to be the catch-all in a too-small workroom. The stuff there needs to be put away in some sort of reasonable fashion so I can find it again when I need it. Also, it was well into the upper 90s today - scratch that, the news just said it hit 101F - and the second floor of this old creaker is several degrees warmer than downstairs. My workroom is, naturally, located on the second floor. It was definitely uncomfortable in there, even though I waited for it to "cool off" when the sun set. Tomorrow it's supposed to be over 100F as well. The heat in the house tends to be cumulative (except in the winter when any heat generated immediately disappears). Tomorrow, it will be even warmer upstairs. Even after dark, when it "cools off". If we then get several days of temperate weather, it will return to normal - in a few days. I will remind myself in late November, when I'm sewing on pearls and freezing my butt off, what it was like to start this in August.

Okay. I'm on my way. Be prepared to hear far, far too much about this project while I think out loud.

Back upstairs, nice cold bath, book and bed. Work tomorrow.

ETA: For some reason, tonight, all god's chilluns (the cats) have been horfing up hairballs. Must be the right day or something.



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