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After thoroughly humiliating myself with the French Meme yesterday (I got the lowest score of anyone else I know who took it), I have a couple of things to say in my defense: ::ahem:: I grew up speaking a dialect, and (b) the other girl who flunked first year French with me was a girl from West Africa, for whom it was her first language. I also think I was trying too hard. I do, on the other hand, know some interesting obscenities in French, not just the usual - and I can use 'em in context.

So, with that disposed of, let's talk costume:

You want to see the shift that absolutely ruined me? (Hey, wait, this is sort of a repeat of the French meme - I'm about to show you what a complete moron I am...)

Shift from hell, and my cat, Violet. Violet has the largest overbite allowed by state law.

Take another look (at the shift):

See? A perfectly normal square-necked shift. Anyone can do it. It's just rectangular construction. I should be able to do a dozen of them in my sleep. (Sure. Anyone can. Unless they're sized for someone (like me!) with an incredibly narrow collarbone and knockers from here to Croydon. In that case, you actually have to - well - change the proportions a little, don't you think?)

Hey! Detail of the fairly Decent Embroidery. I didn't have any silk floss, but I do have enough cotton floss to go from Earth to Pluto twice, so I used that. The Evil Fairies must have been listening when I made a snide remark about how beautiful and tidy the back of the embroidery is (well, it is.) that they decided to teach me a lesson. Is this embroidered on a separate piece? Why no, no it is not. So I have to trash the shift to get the Decent Embroidery off of the Shift That Doesn't Fit.

And now, what you really came to see:

A terrible picture of my adorable new kitten, Octavia. Say hello to the incredibly kind and patient people, Octavia!
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